Why did we start this page?

Starting a website has been on our mind for months. The main reason being we are both educated and extremely passionate about fitness and have so much to say, so what better way to share the wealth than to start a site?

The next reason is for empowerment without the bull shit (for lack of a better term). In a world where the “love yourself” movement is stronger than ever, we want to actually help people achieve that. Believe it or not, this does not happen with fad diets, fit teas, or garcinia cambogia extract. We want to give you information that will make you boss up, take action, and maintain it for a lifetime.

Finally, social media. How can you love yourself when you see people on social media with photoshopped bodies and surgically built bottoms? Social media gives people straight up anxiety because of the pressure it puts on young people to look perfect. As a fitness expert is is extremely frustrating to see other people with little to no education promoting fitness solely over the fact that they have a slim thick figure or may or may not have tried steroids at one point or another…. It is not fair to the people that they scam and it is not fair to the people who researched and studied these topics for years. There is a way to achieve a best version of yourself, and it is not with Perfect 365.

Fitness has inspired us as individuals and brought us together even stronger as a couple. We want to offer everyone a no bullshit yet enjoyable approach to this life and even if we only help one single person through this it will still be worth it!

#fitness #fitcouple #socialmedia


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