How to Get “Toned” for Summer

So many people come into the gym with the goal of “toning” their body.

Essentially, toning is a myth. In order to see musculature or tone of the body you have to have those muscles in the first place. This is best done by increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. In order to increase lean body mass you have to ~drumroll please~ STRENGTH train! Thorough strength training along with some cardio and healthy eating you will be firming the body and shedding fat or “toning”.

Strength training means putting stress on the muscles. Sets of 8-12 reps where the last rep is a challenge is sufficent…NOT 15-20 reps of flying through the weight. By overloading the muscles you are increasing lean body mass while also increasing your resting metabolism (burn more calories at rest).

So to tighten up that bod for the summer heres the equation:

more lean body mass (muscle) = the more calories burned at rest  = less fat = toned 

Whether it be HIIT, circuit training, split body, or whatever your personal preference…be sure to add strength training coupled with some cardio and healthy eating and see phenomenal results.


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