IMG_5567 (1).jpgCassidy: I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, I’m an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and an Exercise is Medicine Ambassador.  I did gymnastics my entire life until I got to college. Once I stopped gymnastics and entered college life I’m sure you can imagine the way my body changed. Luckily, I became very passionate about lifting and exploring different ways to be physically active. I don’t have one set and stone way of how I go about fitness. Some people solely body build, or crossfit, or do yoga. I like to incorporate as much as I can into my life because I see fitness as a lifestyle that should be enjoyed and not just a short term goal. Exercise truly is the best medicine so I love to do anything to get people up and get people moving!


Evan: I graduated college with a degree in Exercise Science & health promotion. I am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as an exercise physiologist and since graduating have become a certified coach through Crossfit along with USA-Weightlifting. I struggled through my adolescent/highschool years with healthy living & weight control but once I got a taste of progress I never looked back.  I have been a personal trainer for 4 years and a strength & conditioning coach for 2 years. I have worked with a clientele ranging from ages 10-65 & am experienced in programming for sport & also for the average joe.