Are Sugar Free Health Treats Free of Consequence?

The supplement industry is a 37 billion dollar industry, and its no question why.  It’s the first place people go to find a quick fix for sugar free/high protein snacks.  While they may be sugar free and convenient, are they really allowing you to achieve the results you want?

Processed is processed. Whether it’s a bag of Doritos or a sugar free 100 calorie pint of ice cream that contains aspartame, cyclamate, or other artificial sweeteners, you are not doing your body justice.

Artificial sweeteners found in these sugar free snacks can pose many harmful effects on the body. Lets look a little bit deeper at some of the issues you may find in your cinnabon protein bar.

Studies show artificial sweeteners..

  • Increase cravings. Your body will think it is receiving sugar but then it never actually does. Your brain and body are still waiting for these calories to get there but they don’t. It’s like being stood up on a date. Poor brain. Therefore the body never receives the trigger saying that you are “full” and cravings continue to increase.
  • Weight Gain. These foods cause a disruption in your hormones causing increased fat storage leading to weight gain. Researchers found that diets with artificial sweeteners cause GREATER weight gain than regular sugar even when the total caloric intake remained similar, (Massey, 2012).
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Excess use of some sweeteners can even cause and increased risk of Alzheimers disease.

The bottom line: Fill your days with REAL food. Buy organic when possible (we know it is expensive #socollege). Check labels for words that you can’t even pronounce..this usually means it sucks. Our bodies are smart machines and when they are fueled properly they will respond thankfully. Take the extra couple of minutes to love your food and it will love you back!